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Question : How to write Thesis or Dissertation for M.Tech? What are the basic steps of approval of Thesis or Dessertation?

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I am an student and this is the time to submit thesis, but i don,t know which topic should i select and how to write thesis report on it. Please, also tell me how thesis approvement process is done?

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What is actually thesis means?

Thesis are very important part of degree like B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D degree. The objectives of the research, in  general,  encompass the discovery of new facts or techniques or correlation of facts alreadyknown, through analytical or experimental approach or both, while  demonstrating a quality potential as to make a definite contribution to the advancement of knowledge useful to the societyand the cholar’s bility to undertake sustained research in future. Accordingly, a thesis being a documented manifestation of the above objectives, shall  report, in an organized and scholarly fashion, an account of the original research work of the  scholar  and present the findings in an appropriate manner with actual accomplishments of the work plainly stated and honestly appraised.  
Steps of preparing thesis are as follow :

  • Choosing the Project which is new and benificial for human welfare.
  •  Initial Literature Review, what was researched and developed, i.e. history of your projects
  • Finalizing the Research Questions in which you will focus.
  • Choosing and Developing the Methodology.
  • Drafting the Methodology.
  • Organizing the Data Collection in order and stardarded manner.
  • Data Collection & Analysis.
  • Drawing Conclusions and Interpretations.
  • Preparing the Final Thesis.
  • done..

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How to write Thesis or Dissertation for M.Tech? What are the basic steps of approval of Thesis or Dessertation?
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