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what is difference between electronics and electricals?


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Mahesh Nigam

Q. what is difference between electronics and electricals?

Answer :

Electrical is a branch of physics which deals in flow of charge (electrical current). In electrical, we deals with tramsmission of electrical energy from one place to another by simply using transformers, electromechanical switches (Relays), mechanical switches and extended to resistor and inductor components. Generally, we can say that electrical branches do not involves any processing component and generally deals with higher voltage level i.e. above 24V.
While in Electronics, many processing components are used like resistors, capacitors, inductors, verious sensors and many solid state semiconductor components such as diode, transistor, integrated circuits (ICs) etc.Generally, electronics is a branch that deals electricity in lower voltage level i.e. below 24V 

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what is difference between electronics and electricals?
views :98

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