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Best way to have a healthy baby by homeopathy

Homeopathy begins where Allopathy ends . Here is the best and simple way to manage pregnancy to have baby with healthy and stronger antibodies. Homeopathy is the only way to overcome genetical disorders like hair falling ( early age), Teeth disorders, IQ ( Intelligent Quotient) and much more.

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By following this homoeopathic medicines and management during pregnancy period you can have an intelligent, beautiful and healthy child with no birth defects

Just take these medicines and follow the steps as mentioned from the beginning of pregnancy.

1. In the first month of pregnancy take TUBERCULINUM-1M/1 dose.

2. In 2nd month take SYPHILINUM-1M/1 dose.

 3. In 3rd month take SULPHUR-1M/1 dose in morning empty stomach.

4. In 4th month take CARCINOSIN-200/1 dose.

5. In 5th month take CALC-CARB-1M/1 dose.

6. In 6th month take :- (i) HYPERICUM-200/2 dose after 1 week take

    (ii) BORAX-30/7 dose, 1 dose daily, it is very efficacious in Aphthous, i.e. inflammation of mouth and tongue.

7. In 7th month take :- (i) Bio-combination no. 26, 5 tablets 3 times daily till delivery. Or CALC-FLUOR-6X and CALC-PHOS-6X, 4 tablets from each 3 times daily till delivery.

          And (ii) KALI-CARB-200/1 dose. Very much beneficial in cases of backache.

8. In 8th month take :- (i) PULS-30/ daily 2 doses.

               And (ii) ACTAEA RACEMOSA-30/daily 2 doses.

9. In 9th month take CAULOPHYLLUM-30/2 doses daily till delivery.

Along with above mentioned homoeopathic medicines following precautions and management should be taken.

  1. After 5th month iron tablets, folic acid, vitamin B complex and vitamin C tablets should be given.
  2. Pine apple, papaya and hot sugarcane juice should not be taken there may be chances of abortion.
  3. In 6th to 7th month of pregnancy.2-3 tea spoon honey in a glass of milk should be taken daily. It will increase the fairness and weight of child.
  4. After 7th month sprouted gram, other pulses and more water should be taken for clear stool.
  5. Coconut water should be taken for fairness of child.
  6. In 8th and 9th month 4 to 5 times PAAN should be taken a day for child beautiful and red lips.
  7. In 8th and 9th month more green leafy vegetables and onions should be taken for black and thick hair of child.
  8. Fruits like apple and banana should be taken regularly.                                                                                              And after nine months and following all that mentioned above, you will be playing with a beautiful child what you wished for. Thanks and hope it will be very helpful to you. Please take any medicines in guidence of a registered physician.

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Dr Girish


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