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Homoeopathic Treatment And Management of Diabetes.

Why Homoeopathy?
In Homoeopathy, Doctors observes patients symptoms with similar medicinal symptoms given in various materia medica (textbooks of homoeopathic medicine). So, Homeopathic treatment of Diabetes means just matching yours similar symptoms & signs with that of given lists of medicines with similar diabetic sign & symptoms. So just match your similar signs & symptoms with similar signs & symptoms of the medicines given and once it’s matched, surely you will be cured.

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Following are the lists of very effective HOMOEOPATHIC medicines of diabetes with dose and potency

  1. Diabetes with stones/inflammation/tumors of pancreas indicated medicine is IRIS VERSICOLOR Q. Ten-ten drops with a glass of water twice daily morning and evening.
  2. Diabetes with delayed/non healing ulcer indicated medicine is SECALE COR.Q…, SYZYGIUM Q. Syzygium Q also be applied externally on ulcer. Ten-ten drops with a glass of water twice daily morning and evening. Secale cor Q before meal and Syzygium Q after meal.
  3. Diabetes with emaciation= SYZYGIUM Q.,15 drops in a glass of water twice daily for 3 months, ARGENTUM MET.200. 4 globules twice daily.
  4. Diabetes with fatty stool (fatty pancreas). stools with fats and mucus in such cases, take  IODUM 3X.,4 tablets thrice daily. it is very effective.
  5. Diabetes with herpes c/c malaria , urine sugar high and If the patient is always suffer with fever. Then take GRINDELIA Q., its action is marvelous. Take 5drops with half glass of water three times daily. And CHINA 200. Once in 15 days.
  6. Diabetes with hysteria, then take BORAX 3X. 4 tablets two times daily and MOSCHUS 3X , 4 tablets three times daily for two months and IGNATIA 1M once in a month.
  7. Diabetes with impaired memory, giddiness, thirst more, appetite less, burning in this case take CEPHALANDRA Q. 10-10 drops in a glass of water two times daily for three months. You will see great improvement.
  8. Diabetes with itching of anus in such case take RATANHIA Q. 5 drops three times a day with some water for two months you will see the result.
  9. Diabetes with kidney affections in this take HELONIUS Q. 10 drops with a glass of water three times daily.
  10. Diabetes with low confidence, nervous excitability/irritability, especially of drunkards. In this case take ARGENTUM NIT.200 two times daily for one month. Afterwards take ARGENTUM NIT 1M, once in a month for three months.
  11. Diabetes with pregnancy (gestational) in such cases LACTIC ACID 3X, is very effective medicine. Take 4 tablets three times a day.
  12. Diabetes with prostate enlargement and high PSA.(PSA means, A protein manufactured exclusively by the prostate gland; PSA is produced for the ejaculate where it liquefies the semen and allows sperm cells to swim freely; elevated levels of PSA in blood serum are associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer), in this case take SENECIO AUREUS Q. 10-10 drops in a glass of water for two times a day. And take SEBAL SERRULATA 200 two times daily along with.
  13. Diabetes with rheumatic affections. There is muscular pain all over the body and severe pain in joints in this case take COLCHICUM Q. 5-5 drops in a half glass of water three times daily. Also take it in 30 potency twice daily.
  14. Diabetes with various types of skin problem, ulcers, itching over body and over sexual organs in this just take  SYZYGIUM Q. 15 drops with a glass of water two times daily for 2 months.
  15. Diabetes with uremia if so then take  KALI-BROM.3X. 4-4 tablets three times daily for 3 months.
  16. Diabetes with weight loss. Take IODUM 3X. 4-4 tablets 4 times daily. And FIVE PHOS 6X. 5 tablets twice daily.
  17. Diabetes with no other indication in this take ABROMA AUGUSTA Q. 10-10 drops three times daily and INSULIN 12X. 4-4 tablets twice daily for 3 months. To increase insulin production take PANCREATINUM 3X. 2-2 tablets daily.

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