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Homoeopathy in treatment of unusual dreams and mental conditions

Treatment of mental symptoms and unusual dreams with Homoeopathy There are many cases where there is no any pathological and laboratory findings. But the patient is still suffering, not feeling well. His life is not running with peace. He can’t put his mind on his daily works, because he is not feeling good. Here in such cases other system of medicines can do nothing. They says the patient is well because there is no any pathological and laboratory findings so the patient is normal. Here in such cases they can do nothing. In such cases Homoeopathy can only treat the patient. As Homoeopathy can treat the patient on the basis of his symptoms, his feelings, his mental symptoms, his thoughts and by his dreams because Homoeopathy does not depend on any pathological and laboratory findings. As Homoeopathy treats the patient not the disease. This is why it is said that where allopathy ends Homoeopathy begins. Some great cure of Homoeopathy in peculiar mental symptoms. 1.If there is always fear of death then take Aconite 30. 2 .If you are always in fear of being alone at night, in this case Stramonium 200 will act in miraculously. 3.If there is fear of thieves in your mind then take Arsenic alb200. 4.In case of sudden loss of memory Anacardium 200.will correct this problem. 5.If you are suffering from fear of crossing the road then take Aconite30, it will remove your fear forever. 6.In case of fear of fire Cup.Met.200, it will correct it. 7.In fear and nervousness take ARGENTUM Nit.30. 8.If you are always in fear of future take Aconite.30, it will correct it. 9.If you have fear of crowd Aconite30 will correct it. 10.In case of fear of dog Bell.30, will remove it forever. 11.In case of fear of train, fear of suffocated house, take Succinum.200. 12.In case you thinks as if possessed by two persons with impaired memory, in this case Anacardium.200, will correct it miraculously. 13.You think as your head enlarged take Aconite. 14.In case you thinks the time is prolonged the take Canabis indica30.You will be ok. 15.If one always thinks about snakes Lac-Can., will remove it. 16.If there is Superiority complex in females take Platina30. it will cure all kinds of diseases. 17. In tendency to suicide, one thinks his life is useless and he is burden on this world, in this condition you just take Aurum Met 200 one dose and repeat on one month. This will correct this severe mental condition. 18. If you sees always dreams of demons take Kali-carb 30, it will finish this dream and other sufferings too. 19. If you can’t sleep sound and always wake up suddenly due to fearful dream, in this case try Aconite, you will be surprise of its result. 20. If you always dreams of dead bodies you take Silicea30 twice a week for one month.

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