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Magical result of homeopathy in hair lost treatment

Latest research in Homeopathy found very effective medicines to gain hair lost in all age groups. Hair has utmost importance in life. But before age hair falls, greys, splits. These conditions hurt a lot to the sufferer. This also affects a person’s productivity, as it lowers confidence. A sufferer can understand better. But not to worry it can be cured with Homoeopathy. Not all but maximum will be benefited. Here are some simple Homoeopathic medicines that can help you to get ride from this hair problems. 1. If hair is falling and you are suffering from chronic hyperacidity then take SULPHUR 30 weekly for 2 months. If not benefited the take LYCOPODIUM 200 weekly for another 2 months. You will be benefited surely. Lastly take PSORINUM 1M monthly for another 2 months. After that your problem will be controlled permanently. 2. Tunki-hair falling in bunch. In this case take PHOSPHORUS-1M one dose and use externally JABORANDI-Q., mixing with coconut oil twice daily. If it fails then take SULPHUR-1M, 1 dose. If Sulphur fails then take PSORINUM-1M, if the lost hair region is smooth or if the place is rough then take MERC.SOL-1M,1 dose, repeat on 10 days. 3. If hair is falling on putting fingers in hair then take SYPHILINUM-1M 1 dose and repeat on one month. 4. In splitting of hair take SULPHUR, if fails then PSORINUM. 5. If there is dandruff, itching with hair fall then take ARSENIC ALBUM-200/4doses in a week if your hair is dry or if it is oily then take PSORINUM-1M/1dose. By above mentioned Homoeopathic medicines you can regain your confidence, happiness, success and beauty of your life. As confidence is life if it is lost life is lost. Note;- take any medicine in guidance of a registered Homoeopathic physician.

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Magical result of homeopathy in hair lost treatment
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