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Parents Having Baby Must Know This Unbeatable Benefits Of Homoeopathy.

Even a minor ailments/diseases of little baby disturbs a lots to parents. This is due to lack of simple but very effective HOMOEOPATHIC medicinal knowledge and managements that can be done by every parents or any person if they have this simple knowledge of HOMOEOPATHIC medicines and managements. For example:- If your babies are suffering from simple diarrhea, parents becomes tense what to do and how to come up from this situation. They start calling doctors and taking babies to clinics spending lots of money. Still there is fear in heart of parents thinking about medicinal side effects on health of little baby. But if you know and have this simple HOMOEOPATHIC medicine you can easily come over from this situation. Excellent or you may say unbeatable HOMOEOPATHIC medicine for babies of age 6 months to 24 months suffering from loose motion is just you give your baby CHAMOMILLA 200, 3 hourly for three days. This is also one of the best medicines for loose motion during dentition. It will also correct any type of irritability or restlessness in kids if they have. Regarding managements its simple but very efficacious the only thing is you should maintain hygiene and no one should allowed to handle your babies unhygienic, the kid’s should not be allowed to kiss directly to lips/mouth though they are showing love and affections by doing so. And most important before feeding your baby parents should be very careful to hygienic measures. By following these simple hygienic measures one can prevent nearly 90% of ailments/diseases of little babies. Say another example;- If your baby is suffering from prolapse of rectum during stool, this is too a big headache for parents or couple because they do not know some magical action of HOMOEOPATHY for this disease. There is unbelievable results in HOMOEOPATHY for such cases. Also parents should take care so that the kids are not getting constipated else it will enhance/increase the prolapsing condition. Here too parents should be hygienic towards what child is being feed and the type of diet is being feed. Regarding sure HOMOEOPATHIC treatment for this disease is you just give PODOPHYLLUM 200, twice daily for 15 days and SULPH 200, 3 doses weekly. In the same time, the greatest advantage of these HOMOEOPATHIC medicines is that it has no any type of side-effects on the body or wellbeing of babies rather it will also correct if kids have any type of mental or inborn problems. And you will be surely getting rid of their ailments/diseases. There are many more very useful HOMOEOPATHIC medicines for your lovely babies for healthy growths and developments. Also I will give medicines helpful in different types of diseases or suffering of all age groups. So always be connected with me for better healthy and meaningful long life. Remember only HOMOEOPATHY can cure other systems of treatment will only suppress or add many more complications. Thanks see you again with more useful HOMOEOPATHIC medicines.

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Dr Girish


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