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Treatment and management of common problems during pregnancy, delivery and after delivery by Homeopathy

Being pregnant is the happiest part of life for a woman. A pregnant lady is always in joyous feelings with lots of dreams and thoughts of being pregnant and about the baby she is going to deliver. But all these feelings and dreams are disturbed by some common problems arising due to pregnancy. These can be easily overcome by Homeopathy and with simple managements.

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Following are the some common pregnancy problems with its Homeopathic treatment and managements

1.    Vomiting: It is the most common sickness during pregnancy. In simple cases just take homeopathic medicine IPECAC 30+ SYMPHORICARPUS 30/4-6doses alternately. And in excessive vomiting take SYMPHORICARPUS Q, 10 drops in a cup of water two times daily till check. Along with this take a dose of PSORINUM 1M/1 dose.
2.    Cough: In this case take RUMEX 200/9 doses thrice daily.
3.    Abdominal colic: In this take MAG-PHOS 30 + PULS 30 /8 doses alternately twice daily.
4.    Oedema: In this case take CHINA 30/8 doses twice daily. If not checked then take ARSENIC 30/6 doses for three days.
5.    Abortion: This is a very painful condition for a pregnant lady. Take ACTAEA RACEMOSA 30/6 doses twice daily in the starting of 3rd month of pregnancy which is helpful in preventing abortion at 3rd month and also helpful in morning sickness.
6.    Foetus displacement or Breech presentation: Allopathy; in some cases Gynae & Obst. able to correct the position in early stage, but it is seen that while doing this procedure patient goes into abortion or bleeding.

But with Homeopathy it can be corrected without doing any harm. For such case PULS 30 /8 doses twice daily is an excellent remedy for putting the foetus or child in right place or position.
Fetal movement:-

1.     If movement have ceased then take CAULOPHYLLUM 30.
2.     If the movements are violent, painful and disturb the sleep of mother with urge to urinate then take THUJA 30.
3.     Sensitiveness, soreness and tenderness is felt in uterus on account of movements of fetus. Then take ARNICA 200.
During delivery:- 
1.    Take PULS 1M/1 dose it will help in easy delivery.
2.    Take CAULOPHYLLUM 1M/1 dose, compulsory in first pregnancy.
3.    Take ACTAEA RACEMOSA 1M, at the interval of 45 minutes, after starting labour pain till delivery. It shortens the labour.

After delivery:-
1.    Take ARNICA 30/3 doses daily till 7th day.
2.    Take CALENDULA 30/ 3-6 doses twice daily.
Managements during pregnancy:-
1.    ATS injection should be given in 3rd and 5th month.
2.    After 3rd months Iron tablets + folic acid + vitamin B complex + vitamin C tablets should be given.
3.    Apples, banana, green vegetables, milk should be taken, for fair and healthy growth of child.
4.    Blood pressure should be maintained normal i.e., 120/80 mm of hg.
5.    Mother weight should be increased between 12-14 kg.
Note: medicines should be taken in guidance of a registered physician.

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