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Advantages of Solar energy: A eco-friendly and endless power

Nature gives us everything, we are using it according to our need and use. Solar energy is one of them .Solar energy is the most advantageous and readily available source of energy. It does not belong to anybody and is, therefore, free. It is also the most important of the non-conventional source of energy because it is non-polluting and therefore, helps in lessening the greenhouse effect. In compare to other sources of powers it is very Eco-friendly power because others powers are increasing pollution and hazardous things. Solar energy can also be used to meet our electricity requirements. Through Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) cells, solar radiation gets converted into DC electricity directly. SPV cells which is a innovation in field of electronics. It gives a ray of hope for electrification in rural areas. So solar energy is very useful and having a lot of advantages for villagers and people who belong to rural areas.

uses of solar power

Image : 1.2 uses of solar power

Devices for harvest solar power

There are many appliances and gadgets which are based on solar energy. These appliances and gadgets are very helpful for commercial works and domestic works. Any person who may be  belongs to poverty or richness can use solar power according to his choice and need . solar energy is fully free to all,  only  one,s have to buy gadget one time.
 Some devices and gadgets are :
Solar cooker, flat plate solar cookers, concentrating collectors, solar hot water system(Domestic and commercial) solar pond , solar hot air systems, solar dryers , Solar timber kilns, solar photovoltaic systems, solar pond ,Concentrating collectors, Power tower ,Air conditioning, Solar collectors, coupled to absorption, Refrigeration systems.

In India, climatic conditions are favourable for solar energy. So we can easily use it just by set up a solar panel in our homes and workplaces. It fulfills our all requirements related to power. According to use we can set solar panel and can get power 24*7 hours without any interruption.  If the means to make efficient use of solar energy could be found, It would reduce our dependence on non-renewable source of energy and make our environment cleaner. Therefore, solar energy is most advantageous and endless power of world.

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Advantages of Solar energy: A eco-friendly and endless power
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Advantages of Solar energy: A eco-friendly and endless power
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